Indoor tanning found to increase cancer risk by 75%

What a great article.  It’s very important that the author includes information on the effects of tanning at a young age. Studies find that indoor tanning increases your risk of developing skin by 75%!!! To often I have clients in their 30s or 40s that have battled this horrible condition and have the scars to prove it. Sadly when they were younger this information was not available to them.  Now there is no excuse! We know tanning beds are bad and we should not be using them.
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The First One Is The Worst One!!

I had a client today from Michigan who was so funny! !
Of course we were just laughing and joking which is what I always try and do during a Brazilian. She started to tell me about her first Brazilian and how the lady was nice and actually did a good job despite the pain. Then she went on to tell me that when the technician was done, she told her to come back in about 2 weeks.  My client thought this was hilarious and at this point she had just been through a whole Brazilian for the first time and couldn’t imagine coming back in two weeks. She thought it was hilarious, the lady would really think she would come back so soon! !

When she said this it made me think about how I tell all my first time clients the same thing, and I wonder if they feel the same way.  So I’m going to explain why this is soooo important and really prove to you that not all us waxers are just crazy people who can’t wait to inflict more pain on you in another two weeks.
When you first start waxing the hair is growing on all different hair cycles. Meaning that 40% of your hair might be on cycle 1 20% on cycle 2 and so on. The wax can only grab hair that is 1/4 inch or longer so hair that is on a different cycle will not come out. On top of that there are typically 2 or 3 hairs growing in each follicle which means that’s if I wax one area I might grab 1 or 2 hairs but there is still some left and an area can only be waxed so many times.
When you first start waving the hair is thicker, the hairs follicle is thicker and your skin is not accustomed to waxing. After your first wax these three things are dramatically affected, the hair follicle will begin to thin out, your hair will begin to thin out and your skin will begin getting used to the wax.
By coming back for another wax within 2-3 weeks we are catching the hairs that are on the next cycle and just beginning to grow. This is imperative for waxing success and if you really liked your results please resist the razor and make sure to call your technician for a touch up session.

At Sun Cheaters we offer touch up sessions for only $25 if you book after your first wax.

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Orlando Fashion Week


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Interesting article. I think bikini waxing is an amazing alternative to the full Brazilian. It is less painful and a great way to stat it you want to do a Brazilian in the future Men Don’t Really Like Brazilian Bikini Waxes, Survey Says. | Beauty on Shine – Yahoo! Shine–survey-says—212801828.html

Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates.

ImageI found this today and thought it was so funny, this may not be the best gift from a boyfriend or husband. But for your girlfriends it would be perfect!!


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Client Testimonials

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Horrible Waxing At It’s Finest+

Dirty Wax PotSo we all know how important it is to go to a licensed  professional for all of your waxing needs, but in case anyone was in need of a reminder here it goes.

On Friday i was at a salon in Altamonte Springs getting my hair done and i got the witness horrible waxing at its finest. First the pot was a mess, and looked like it had never been cleaned since the day they bought it!! The pot also had no lid, which means that all the dirt, and hair products flying around that salon was in the wax. Second the stick they where using had been used on no less than 20 people and had dirt and hair stuck all over it. The hair dresser  then  applied baby oil on the clients face, and without the use of gloves began applying the wax to her eyebrows and lip while continuing to double dip the stick repeatedly.

It took a lot for me to not speak up or hand the poor girl a card,but i did it only with the knowledge that i would be able to blog about it.

The one thing i kept thinking throughout the whole process was, if this is being done to this poor women s face, what would they do during a Brazilian. I for one hope she or no other person ever finds out!!

It has been proved over and over again that somethings are best left to the professionals, waxing being one of those things.

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Laser Hair Removal and Sunless Tanning

At Sun Cheaters Tanning and Waxing we have many clients that are currently undergoing laser hair removal, because UV tanning is prohibited. 

We often wondered why this is, and finally did some research on the topic,this is what we found!

Under the guidelines of Laser hair removal UV tanning is prohibited because, when tanning with UV rays the pigments in your skin will begin to darken. These dark pigment could be targeted by the lasers causing burning of the skin!!

Typically Laser centers either have different settings or different lasers they use depending on the natural pigment of the skin. If a client has been tanning the laser specialist could use the wrong setting causing burning of the skin.

Laser clinics recommend to refrain from UV tanning for up to six weeks prior to a laser session.

 This is why so many of our clients have chosen the safe way of tanning. Using the Sunless Tanning method clients are able to simply remove their tan by exfoliation a week prior to their laser session. 

This makes things a a lot easier and safer for both the client and the technition.

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